Artist Bio

Miraculus is a talented artist located in Valdosta, GA. He writes, produce, and records his own music. His music is original and authentic. His passion for making music has always co-existed with his dream of becoming a Structural Engineer. While obtaining both Bachelor and Master degrees in Civil Engineering, Miraculus has written and recorded a multitude of songs. After finishing Engineering School, he had no intention of going public or sharing his music with the world. Instead, his focus and attention was centered on his family. As of late, he has had a change of heart. With the recent tragic loss of his beautiful wife and baby daughter, Miraculus was inspired to write and record "Breaking Down Missing You". In memory of his loved ones and considering the many people that are living through similar pains, Miraculus has been motivated to share his gifts with the world.

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Latest Updates

On the 19th of each month, I will be releasing a song that was written for and dedicated to my belated wife.


Song Release - What a Christmas

Please enjoy this special song and video. Happy Holidays to you All! 

What a Christmas


Song Release - U & I

This month's release is a song that expresses nothing short of true love. It embodies the nature and connection of me and my beloved. Therefore, U & I.   


Song Release - Married

This month's release is called, Married. This is a very special song to me, because it symbolized and expressed the commitment, I had sacredly vowed to keep, with my belated wife, until Death Do-Us-Part. I hope this song becomes just as significant for you, as it is for me. Enjoy!  

Song Release - That's Right 

That's Right has also been released. It's a song with a catchy vibe. Filled with joy and excitement. It is truly Inspirational. That's Right! 


The new hit single, Breaking Down Missing You, has been released. It is available for purchase on this website. You may also look for it on iTunes,  Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and many more online stores. Stay tuned for artist updates. Thanks for your support and stay safe! 




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